The Beginning

She felt the noose close in around her neck
Slight movements can change fate.
Her eyes glazed over
Blurred images rushed past
She thought of all the things they told her she could be
But they didn’t let her
All the sweet lies they whispered
All the dreams they projected
She was so gullible
But she has learnt now
That nothing will change
Only she herself can do something about her life
She could end it
But oh no, that was the easy way out
She was not that kind
She will fight, no matter what
She will fight for herself.
And others.

She was the fierce river
Cutting through lands
Gentle, and yet dangerous at times
Her banks were full of life
Overflowing with love
She cared for none and for all.
The broken branches wedged in her
Slowed her flow
And still she rushed past
When the rains came
She embraced them in her vast arms
Always ready for a little more
She was unstoppable
Then she met the sea
And poured into him
Filling him with her