# As good or as bad as any

I am the love I show

And the lies I tell

I am the mistakes I make

And the regret I feel

I am the goodness exhibited

And the inner turmoil of selfishness

I am the suppressed joy in the name of virtue

And the sudden bursts of forbidden passion

I am the confusion and chaos created

And the caution and advises given against

I am the villain of old women’s tales

And the omitted uncomfortable truth

I am the brightest of ideas and cherished aspirations

And the darkest of thoughts and lost consciences

I am the rebellious and the contradictory

And a perplexed being in this indifferent world

I am the lessons learnt and lessons taught

And a seed of doubt planted

I am everything you say I am

And everything else you do not wish to acknowledge

I am no God, nor any Demon

I am only human,

Just as much as anyone can hope to be.

​I can feel this dark object called distance trying to wedge in between us

Its too heavy to push away, 

Mostly because it was put there by time. 

I want to reach around it, to hug you

And tell you that nothing has changed.

But I can’t see you anymore or

Read your thoughts like before

I dont know what you are feeling

What if your ideas of me have changed?

Fear of rejection keeps me at bay

Making us strangers by day

Dont you slip away just yet

I love you too much to let go. Not yet. Not just yet.

The Fallen Leaf

Time has come, to let it go

The strenuous wait for the gusty wind

To blow away at the last clinging pieces.


Gliding down gently, light as a feather

To settle down among the green patches

Growing between the concrete cracks.


A little hippity-hop dance

To avoid the trampling foot

Fading into oblivion with each move.


The extrinsic surface withering away

Until the soul remains lingering

Seeking to occupy a new abode.



Dark is the path that we tread

Searching for meaning in the faint glow of light

Turning away at the slightest obscenity

Cringing at our own marvelous acts

Little do we care for the ordeal others go through

So hell bent on carving our own way

Leaving destruction in our wake

Surely it is unwise to wander so far from home

We are lost, aren’t we?

She was hovering up above
Looking down at herself
Straining against the words
Holding her down
Restraining her from flying away
Weary, and in despair
She complied to them
They tightened against her, strangling
Slowly, dispirited
She floated down
Settling unsteadily.

Darkness wraps me like a blanket

Enveloping me in its cold confines

I feel warmth creeping up,

Alarmed, I jerk my feet in.

I peer outside at the glare,

Frightened, I crouch back inside.

My eyes seek dark corners in the dawn light,

But all the niches are irradiated.

A new day is unfolding,

I must put on my veil, walk out,

Pretend I’m ecstatic.


There is a void inside me.

Filled with all the unsaid.

It grows with time.

Distance makes it stronger.


I sit all alone.


Recalling moments.

Feeding the void.


Some words are leaking out.

But it doesn’t make much sense.

Unfinished jigsaw.

O, saying is forbidden.

As she lay in bed tousled with sleep
A slow smile crept across her lips.
And a fond memory filled her.

She tossed about remembering
A rumble of laughter escaped her
And she woke up with wistful nostalgia.


Words; spoken so hastily.

Words; voiced so insolently.

Words; uttered without regard to consequences.


They hurt, these words.

They shatter dreams, these words.

They burn a hole in the heart, these words.

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I heard your voice today.

It sounded different.

Indifferent. To anything I said.


I saw you eyes.

Looking past me.

Far. Into the distance.


Your hands held mine.

Wrapped around.

Unwillingly. Waiting to let go.


I have gone.

From you.