# As good or as bad as any

I am the love I show

And the lies I tell

I am the mistakes I make

And the regret I feel

I am the goodness exhibited

And the inner turmoil of selfishness

I am the suppressed joy in the name of virtue

And the sudden bursts of forbidden passion

I am the confusion and chaos created

And the caution and advises given against

I am the villain of old women’s tales

And the omitted uncomfortable truth

I am the brightest of ideas and cherished aspirations

And the darkest of thoughts and lost consciences

I am the rebellious and the contradictory

And a perplexed being in this indifferent world

I am the lessons learnt and lessons taught

And a seed of doubt planted

I am everything you say I am

And everything else you do not wish to acknowledge

I am no God, nor any Demon

I am only human,

Just as much as anyone can hope to be.