As she lay in bed tousled with sleep
A slow smile crept across her lips.
And a fond memory filled her.

She tossed about remembering
A rumble of laughter escaped her
And she woke up with wistful nostalgia.


Words; spoken so hastily.

Words; voiced so insolently.

Words; uttered without regard to consequences.


They hurt, these words.

They shatter dreams, these words.

They burn a hole in the heart, these words.

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I heard your voice today.

It sounded different.

Indifferent. To anything I said.


I saw you eyes.

Looking past me.

Far. Into the distance.


Your hands held mine.

Wrapped around.

Unwillingly. Waiting to let go.


I have gone.

From you.

Little elves

The little elves were up all night

Creating the perfect day for you

They confided to me that it will have


The deep breath of the dawn breeze

The warmth of the anxious sun

The musical rustle of the leaves


The clouds stretching their webs across

The soft unruffled blues

The frolics of the chirping birds


The caressing touch of the gentle rain

And the wind nuzzling up to you

To put a smile on your lips.

And when she opened her eyes,

He was gone.

There was a finality

In the unhesitatingly left

Footprints on the sand.

But she didn’t look for him,

Nor did she pray for him to come back.

He was so completely hers, that,

No matter how far he might go,

He could never leave her.

This was her curse,

And his blessing.

O You Butterfly

O you butterfly,

So eager to fly,

What’s stopping you here?

If not the love of dear.


O you butterfly,

So eager to fly,

Stay, stay for all that’s yours,

Gained over the years.


O you butterfly,

So eager to fly,

Believe in the light,

Engulfing you in the night.


O you butterfly,

So eager to fly,

Yearning to break the bind,

Leaving your colours behind.


My hand tingles from the stab

My legs weary from running away.

My eyes seek confinement.

My guilt is spreading,

Consuming my body.


Can your forgiveness aggravate my wounds?


Bitterness fills my mouth

I choke on my remorse.

My heart is heavy with regret.

My guilt is festering

Poisoning my soul.


Can your trust destroy my spirit?